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Trout is a medium-sized freshwater fish, inhabiting cold waters, mainly in Northern Portugal. Our trout comes from the Rio Coura, in the north of Portugal. Trout is a well-known

fish on the Portuguese menu.

Nutritional benefits

Trout is rich in minerals, protein, vitamin B12, B6 and D and
omega-3 fatty acids. Therefore, in this way, its consumption
helps to prevent brain and cardiovascular diseases and helps

to maintain bone health.



At the Canned Company we believe that simplicity is often a virtue and that it transforms the fish itself into the star of the preserve. The sauce for this preserve is just extra virgin olive oil with
lemon, two simple ingredients, widely used in this industry but when combined with trout all the flavors align, creating a preserve with an extraordinarily fresh flavor, good for any



Production method

The lemon arrives fresh at our facilities and is cut to the ideal thickness. Each slice of lemon is placed by hand in each of the cans and only then the trout. This preserve is drizzled with
extra virgin olive oil, thus finalizing the recipe. Each can is closed one by one, washed, sterilized and packed with care.

ABC+ Trout Fillets in Lemon and Olive Oil

  • Trout 70.8%, Extra Virgin Olive Oil 24.2%, Lemon 4.2% and Salt 0.8%

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