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Tender little young French sardines in extra virgin olive oil are the perfect little treat to savor over a fresh baguette, or to toss with some linguine and freshly grated parmigiano. Simple, with an intense flavor and silky texture, these sardinettes recall beautiful meals by the sea, in one bite.


La Perle des Dieux Cannery

Intended for the demanding amateurs of sardines as well as for the lovers of the good and the beautiful, the Perle des Dieux prepares by hand canned sardines. An artisanal know-how, perpetuated and unchanged since 1887. Four generations of the Gendreau family have succeeded one another to offer you exceptional and tasty products.

This renowned company offers a magnificent range of seafood products, with sardines at the top of the list, but also anchovies, tuna, mackerel and other varied recipes for the aperitif!

To guarantee you an irreproachable quality of products, the Pearl of Gods, it is three commitments:

  • To value and maintain a local and seasonal fishing, to offer you products caught when they are the best and to respect the fish populations.
  • To respect and keep alive the ancestral know-how of fishing and canning sardines.
  • To engage the consumer in a responsible and sustainable food by offering products from local, artisanal and reasonable fishing.

Small Sardines in Olive Oil mini "The Small Fondants"

  • Fresh sardines 75%, extra virgin olive oil, salt.

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