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Considered the best anchovies in the world, Conservas Angelachu is a gift of the Cantabrian Sea, off the northern coast of Spain, fished in a way that complies with all the standards and requirements necessary to bear the CC Quality Controlled Seal for 'Cantabrian Anchovies'.

The anchovies are captured during the height of Spring, harvested and canned at the height of its freshness, exclusively in Cantabria.  The production process is entirely hands-on and begins with the salting, eviscerating and packing of the fish into barrels. The process from start to finish is performed by true artisans, operating with the right know-how, deft hands and the utmost care paid to a quality product. 

Upon reaching the optimum period of maturation, these artisans then hand-scrub the anchovies, which involves delicately removing the skin of each fish one by one, from the salt.  It is important to note that this salt process conserves the properties and characteristics of the fresh fish in their entirety The anchovies are then cut, washed in cold water, and drained, before being masterful filleted and packed in olive oil. 

Conservas Angelachu - Anchovies in Olive Oil 50g

  • Anchovies (Engraulis encrasicolus), extra virgin olive oil, and salt.

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