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The fresh sardines are grilled before being packed. Delicately sprinkled with extra virgin olive oil and blooming with the 5 berries, they reveal a melting texture, with a subtle smoky scent of grilled meat. Without losing any of the delicate flavors of the little silver fish!

In the can, you will find four to six beautiful sardines delicately arranged by hand, streaked by the grill, with the same meticulous gestures performed by the sardine makers for 130 years. This guarantees a visual and gustatory quality without equal!

And at La Perle des Dieux, they love to combine beauty and goodness, so they offer you these sardines in a beautifully decorated box.

When you taste them, you discover sardines that are as nutritious as they are pleasant in the mouth, with the delicate taste of a summer evening, that you will enjoy eating with family or friends! We appreciate this recipe full of character on toast or as an ingredient in a fine pie.

Like vintage sardines, they improve with time (for about 4 years), provided you turn them every six months. The strong taste of the herbes de Provence and the soft texture will be even more beautiful!

Grilled Sardines in Olive Oil with 5 Berries

  • Fresh sardines 77%, extra virgin oil, salt, 5 berry mix 1% 
    (pink berries, white, black and green pepper), coriander.

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