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Seasoned with white pepper and piri-piri, the condiment of this pâté, made with olive oil, tomato and vinegar, offers a slightly spicy version of the sardine pâté. Try pairing it with cottage cheese and you are ready to mend fences with your neighbor. 


Smooth texture and a good hit of spice to this pate made by the Portuguese Seafood experts, Jose Gourmet. Serve this simply on a nice piece of baguette along with a cold beer and you will be in spicy sardine heaven! A pate of sustainably certified sardines with Piri-Piri peppers, spices and olive oil.


Some days surprise comes knocking at your door only to find you home!

Jose Spiced sardine Paté 75g

$7.95 Regular Price
$6.76Sale Price
  • Sardine, extra virgin olive oil, Tomato, Spices (Vinegar & Piri Piri) Red Peppers & Salt

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