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  • TASTES DELICIOUS AND SPICY: a delicious combination of flavours, featuring the same ingredients you would find in the famous tinned sardines from Lucas, this sardine pate is an excellent addition to any platter.
  • EASY AND VERSATILE: as well as being an excellent addition to any platter, Lucas sardine pate can be served with bread, crackers, cucumber slices and is ideal for traditional Portuguese petiscos, or Spanish tapas
  • HAND SELECTED: Hand selected ingredients and hand made throughout the entire unique traditional method, Lucas sardine pate is also rich in Omega 3
  • MADE IN PORTUGAL: Artisanal sardines made from the freshest fish in Portugal, that are hand selected, hand processed, hand wrapped works of art
  • ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Lucas sardine pate is made with all original ingredients - sardines, olive oil, tomato pulp, carrot, chickpeas, salt, cloves, and laurel.

LUCAS Sardine Paté 75g


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