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This Horse Mackerel in Brava Sauce is a delicious and flavourful dish that is perfect for any occasion. Made with fresh horse mackerel, it is marinated in a flavourful Brava sauce made with garlic, tomato, and spices. The horse mackerel is cooked to perfection and the sauce adds a zesty kick to the dish. Enjoy this hearty and flavourful meal with a side of your favourite vegetables or rice.


Horse Mackerel in Brava Sauce offers a delightful seafood experience with Spanish roots. Jose Gourmet presents tender Horse Mackerel fillets immersed in a bold and spicy Brava sauce, making it an ideal choice for a perfect dining experience.

Jose Horse Mackerel in Brava Sauce

  • Horse Mackerel, Bravo Sauce (Rapeseed Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Peppers, Garlic, Chili Pepper. Water, Vinegar, Salt, Modified Starch, Mustard, Lemon Juice, Antioxidant, and Paprika Extract), Salt

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