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Our smoked Mackerel pate is a delicious and nutritious seafood treat. Made from top quality Mackerel, the pate has a smooth, creamy texture, with a subtle smoky flavor that will tantalize your taste buds. 


Rich, succulent mackerel are smoked to silky perfection before being carefully blended with quality olive oil for a luxurious mouthfeel and decadent taste.

Pate is not only an excellent way to use all parts of the fish. This timeless technique pulls deep and unique flavor from otherwise unappreciated (and often wasted) pieces of meat. Both sustainable and delicious, this makes the perfect cracker snack. Pair it with a favorite flatbread or crusty loaf alongside some pickles and you’ve built yourself a treat.

TASTING: smoke, umami, rich, creamy
PAIRING: crisp white wine, bold red wine, amaro, whiskey
SERVING: spread on crackers or toast, pickles, charcuterie

ATI Smoked Mackerel Pate 75g

  • mackerel, olive oil, tomato, vinegar, pepper, (natural smoke) salt

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