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With a taste of spices… pepper, clove, laurel, the simplicity of this recipe guarantees the qualities and freshness of the fish. Originating in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, the squids selected to prepare this fish stew offer nutrients that bring added value to the general well-being and health of the consumer. An indispensable delicacy, if you have already savoured it, and an absolute must if you haven’t!


Jose Spiced Calamari in Ragout Sauce 120g

  • Spiced calamari from Portugal in a spicy ragout sauce of tomato pulp, sunflower oil and spices (onion, parsley, red pepper, wine, ground cloves and salt).Contains Calamari (70.8%), Tomato Pulp (19.8%), Sunflower Oil (4.2%), Spices (onion, parsley, red pepper, wine, ground cloves) (4.2%), and Salt

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